Music sales from 1973 to 2019 in a Graph

Taken from:!/vizhome/MakeoverMonday2020W21-MusicIndustrySales/Dashboard2 Numbers are adjusted for inflaction, they are USD, and I am not even sure it is worldwide or just Usa. 🙁 But Some consideration The Tape age lasted long but was never really leading the sales, which is interesting coz it ‘s challenging my perception. People who sold CDs from mid 90 …

Merging Websites

In march 2020 I decided to Merge the main website and the shop. There might be some broken link here and there. I ll correct them over time ( i m keeping a log for them and fix weekly): meanwhile bear some errors here and there.

Furryz Fornicate reviews Analphabetik 005 – Lord Lloigor The Remixes (Full Album)

I am always looking to get better so I asked Furryz Fornicate (an US born producer) to give me some feeback on Genkisound 1001 // Analphabetik 005 – Lord Lloigor The Remixes (Full Album). The Unreturn EP Review by Furryz Fornicate. Favorite Song: Lord Lloigor – A-mor (Occulkot Remix) I was approached to do an …

Music taster week 24 2018: Thor: Ragnarock / Magic Sword – In the Face of Evil (Synthwave)

What can you expect from a OST of a Marvel music? An Epic movie score, and then 40 minutes of the same music re-arranged. Thor: Ragnarok has been a surprise. Not only the movie itself was much better that expected (I truly enjoyed that), but the trailer music (the immigrant song) was so fitting… and …

17 defining hardstyle tracks by Dj Tatanka

Last week Dj Tatanka was guest on a network italy here in Italy. It was kinda that a radio which usually broadcasts edm, hip hop, 90s dance and house blasts our speakers with Hardbass stuff and speak about hardstyle, hardcore, happycore, underground scene and stuff. Not only Records that have been played

How The Sickest Squad has been staying on top of the game for over a decade.

I have been knowing Samuele and Jacopo for like 20 more years now. I remember the long chats with them when Hardstyle was a new thing and we discussed about the coolness of reversed bassdrum, or when the early brostep (dubstep) was coming out and we loved the way the bass was used… (“it makes … : Trackers and stuff

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Why Am I back?

I ve not been producing for almost 10 years, I ve almost stopped djing for the same amount of time… so why Am I back? Many coincidences, or better a lot of open loops decided to close in a very short time, and this gave me input to act. What are those loops closing now? …