week 16.2022 what I am listening to


Techno comes in many different breed, but Emmanuel Top has been delivering incredible stuff since…. forever. I really like its approach: his track are kinda “easy” and not over complex, but woooow they are timeless. So last week i re-listened a of his productions.

Emmanuel Top – Attack Blu – Radio

Emmanuel Top – A2 Cosmic Event

you can recognize the main theme among a million others

Emmanuel Top – Tone

another track defined by a single sound

Emanuel Top – Turkish Bazar

one of my fave ever… not only by Emanuel Top… but in general. The use of the sample, the 303, the base, the melody, the breakdown. Incredible piece of muzak

Emmanuel Top – Stress

While i cannot consider this one as one of my fave, i m bound to link this for its modern use of samples, the programming of the 303 and in general the vibe of the track.


Marino Stephano – Eternal Rhapsody

Marino Stephano has been, in my opinion, the last pure Trance producer before the genre went down to the toilet (thank Dutch wave 🙂 This one is soooo good. RIP Marino.

House / Edm / tech-house / trance

Coccolino Deep

As you know i also listen a lot of mixes. Last week i dig into Coccolino Deep. I like the idea of mixing sample from a movie and music. It gives a better understanding of the whole.

I selected two mixes but all of them are good

The Highlander – Dignified (Allan McLoud Remix)

ok, the track is kinda clichè: nevertheless i really like it: maybe it s the “goaish” vibe at the beginiing or maybe it s the 90s style trance melody and staccato… or maybe because it last 10 minutes and tells us 2-3 different stories in it. It deserve a listen


I cannot listen to *core while i work and/or need to focus on other things: this does not mean I don’t listen any more Core, it means i listen Much less of it, alas. but I take my time to listen to it.

Inquisitive Judgement ‎- Losing My Religion