Music taster week 25 2018: Basswall by Zatox & Le Shuuk (RawStyle)

This track is not so recent but it felt i had to speak about it here.

I like this track and i think this is a good example how sometime you just need a couple of things well done to have a good track.

What i liked:

  • The video, very simple, but effective.
  • The Kick and bass part: absolute hammers!

Where i think there is area to improve :

  • the intro (rap and useless synth)
  • the build up
  • the balace of the track


I liked this track a lot , the Basswall title is totally congruent with the track.

I loved how Zatox took risk to do this kinda stuff the melodic hardstyle was huge. Props to him

What i think is really missing is a better way to fill up the hole between the “basswalls”. I understand that the lower is the normal part the higher it look the peak… but this is too extreme.

Nevertheless a track worth listening.