week 15.2022 what I am listening to

This week i ve listened a lot of different new & Old music, but none of them than a couple of time…
I can say that Playlist has been on loop during my workdays.

It start with some incredible trance from Platipus, then move into some proto Dub-techno (listen to Tata Box Inhibitors – Stabilizer ) and also some hard trance (Snowdome – Murdoch Most Foul ) and then back to platipus, old skool trance and hardtrance.

Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0qljxrhaCs&list=RD_0qljxrhaCs&start_radio=1

Trance & Platipus Eargasm

Union Jack – Papillon ( Platipus Records 2009)

while it’s a “recent” track it has such a nice

I know that 2009 is as close to golden age trance as it s 2022… but when it came out was a great piece of work. It has not aged a day in my opinion

Art Of Trance ‘Before The Storm’ (Original mix)

Union Jack – Triclops

Union Jack – Fromage Frais

Union jack – Red Herring

One of the most famous track by Union jack, for a good reason! Immortal!

Trance & Hardtrance

Bedrock – Set In Stone

This track sound so 1994 in every good way! So many layer, so many ideas, the choice of sound, the lenght. Kinda Unkown but Timeless.

Snowdome – Murdoch Most Foul

This track is from 1994, and I must say I have no memory of it in clubs… It s also very rare to find Mixes using this, and i wonder why, it s INCREDIBLE.

Life Form – Come Down

This track has a lot of things that i usually don’t like: long, singed part, breakbeats instead of 4 on the floor, piano and such… but they were able to create a strange alchemy with this… this track is “something that has gone forever” as someone stated in the comment.

Extreme Trax – Final Fantasy

This one is probably more famous now than when it came out. Many huge techno dj are playing this, the reason being this is this track is perfect for a melodic techno set, perfect for a trance set, also very good for closing a house-techhouse set.

The break down is great, and when it stars again it develop in such an organic way it s impossible not to enter the trance zone!