The Flow State in Djing…

My two cents about dj playing with vinyls or doing proper liveset vs dj pressing play on mp3 play.
The flow state is the highest form of fulfillment you can reach. you can reach when dancing, when listening to music, when doing complex task… and also by watching people in the flow state.That is why we love to watch top performers doing their stuff, we borrow some of their flow state.
And what happens when a musician plays with vinyls (or a proper liveset, or god-forbid, playing an instrument) ?
The dj is there for us, completely in the zone to perform for us and has basically no moments are wasted to turn useless knob, throw cakes or make ballet like a trained monkey.
And when the dj is in the flow all the people in the dance floor, they enter the flow state and become one… and it’s there that the magic happens!