5 Questions to Art of Fighters & Unexist

Rotello –  Hello Guys, I am kinda excited to speak with you: you have been producing and dj since the 90s and you have seen a lot of fashion coming and go. I would like to speak about the present the past and the future.

Ciao Rotello,
thank you for the opportunity and for your time!

Word Up sventra ! Thanks for having us!


Rotello – Explain me the 4 decades you have been working (90s, 00, 10, 20) in few words…

90s :Anger ,Love, Hate, Stupid, drugs, Number One , Friends
00s :Love ,Anger ,Slipknot,Rage ,Weed ,friends
10s :Social media ,cheat ,fake ,business, image.Cartel, More WEEd to cope
20s :New Millenium

90’s were the preparation, 00’s the development and release, the 10’s the performances and the 20’s are gonna be the years of change, the years of the New Millenium.


Rotello – What s the current trend?
Where are we going?

Last few years we saw a trend in Hardcore which we already saw at the end of the 90’s. On one side a lot of happy and mellow tunes (somebody call it euphoric frenchcore, tbh is just happy music) and on the other side the chase for the bigger and better kick drum and faster speeds, which led to the releasing of thousands of repetitite tracks which just consist in kick drums.
So the Hardcore scene is really narrowed down among few styles, few innovators, a lot of music that pretty much sound all the same. There are not so many ideas, and lot of producers just follow a pattern or a trend, resulting in a lot of repetitive and boring music.
We left a fundamental piece along the road, and our fans are asking for it. That piece is the will to experiment and the search of the better idea instead of the loudest kickdrum. This is what we are gonna do with our New Millenium.

The current trend is ..who’s got the biggest dick ,doesn’t matter if it’s fake, deformed or made out of dry donkey shit as long its the biggest


Rotello –  Do you think this “loudness war” will finish in the same way any war finish…
with a lot of corpes and little utility for the end user?

Yes a lot of hearing aids are gonna be sold in the future

There is some utility in this, we all learnt how to make sounds that are even louder than before. But we came to a point where loudness is put ahead of the ideas, which is terribly wrong, and makes the producers to sacrifice sounds and quality in favor of the brute volume. There is a sweet spot where things can be loud and still dynamic and interesting. Most of the demos I receive are completely squashed and the only element you can hear is the kickdrum (or what’s left of it).


Rotello –  This 2020 has been crazy. It s mid June but most parties have already been cancelled.
A lot of people said that before summer 2021 we cannot think of doing parties. What is your take?

I completely agree

In every crisis there is somebody who’s gonna suffer. Unfortunately in this case it’s the event scene. We perform in front of the biggest crowds, our events are based on social gatherings and contact, which is totally not what we need now to contain the virus. We have to hold on, we hope to see some events taking place this fall but my guts say that we’ll need to wait until 2021.


Rotello –  Gustav Mahler once told “tradition is not the workship of ashes, but the preservation of fire”.
tell me what is this fire for you.

When we were 100% focused on producing music, the millenium era, our main concern was to create tracks that carry emotions, passion and energy. The scene kinda lost that over the years, over the business and over the success.

That fire have been replaced by something that looks like it, but controlled by big companies that uses music in order to cash in, leaving the artistic part aside and allowing a lot of ghost produced dj to enter the game. There is no room for ideas and concepts here, the only thing that matter is how much revenue an artist can provide to the company that he signed in.
That is not what we worked for, the fire is to be found inside those home studio producers, those that still believes into music and into creating emotions.

Going against Bullies, Fighting against the odds.


Rotello –  before this interview we spoke a lot about your new projects. Some of them are still a secret but one i love is this “new millennium” thing.
Care to explain a little more?

Together with our friends and producers we talk a lot about music, and how it changed. We all have tens and hundreds of unfinished tracks in our drives, and we think this is the right time to take a step back and start to release again those material, which didn’t fit with the trend of the scene.

We decided to simply call it “New Millenium”, to honor the sound that made us big and continue the path we used to walk, before all the glitters and frills that are pushing our scene into a highspeed version of trashy pop music. We are going back in time to create a future that never happened, where Hardcore evolved into something to be proud of, a mature style of music.

We wanna bring back the spirit we had in the early 2000s where there was healthy competition, image didn’t matter and music was made with ideas instead of showing who’s the LUFS king and where there is a standard to meet to part of it .

Rotello –  I also know that you are doing private classes, is that true?
what do you teach? what is your approach to teaching? do you like it?

I am. This pandemic forced us all into trying new things, and I dediced to go this way. I really like doing it, gives me the chance to explain what the Millenium and Hardcore sound was for me, how i approached the creation of the hit tracks I released and how my students can use the same methods and mind state to improve their tracks and how their tracks are perceived by their audience. I tend to talk more about the mindset and the development of ideas rather than the straight sound-design, there are hundreds of Tutorials and masterclass out there which are pretty much identical: how to make a kick, how to make a lead sound. Few of them teach how to actually develop a track and make it enjoyable.

I teach… how not to get fucked in the music industry 101 ! Channel your inner wrath into Music ! Joint rolling


Rotello –  I loved to chat with you guys…
promise me an update when more of your projects will be live!


Sure i can’t wait to experience another couple of day of “oh for Fuck sake i have to answer those fucking questions damn ;sad faceemoji;Annoyed face emoji ; jointemoji

Absolutely! We’ll talk again soon, thank you again for this quick chat!