week 13.2022 what I am listening to

This week has been kinda wicked, i had little time to sit on computer and do my usual deep work session and that reflected also on music.

Ambient & Techno

Underworld – Thing In A Book

This is one of my fave track from Underworld, it s super slow and atmospheric. I like it. It s hosted on one of my fave channel ever: Trancentral

Teste – regions

This track is from 1993 but it still sound so fresh. In my journey into music production I am listening more and more the roots. and this one is for sure something to keep it.
Hypnotic yet abrasive, Machine cold techno yet with warm voices. Consider that has 30 years and the praise are mandatory!

2 Step & UK Garage

I never like that much Garage and 2 Step, with few notable exception. Last week i wanted to dig a little more into that genre. I like the general vibe and the “melanchonic” side of that end 90s/ early 00’s Aestetic but again 2 step is not my cup of tea.

Daniel Bedingfield- Gotta Get Thru This

I can understand this is super pop, probably i like for this very reason.

City pop / Jpop 80’s

I love city pop and all that Jpop from the 80s. I love anime… and for this very reason I find myself listening to the whole Opening /closing OST of Maison Ikkoku.

Maison Ikkoku All OP & ED / All Openings and Endings

Maison Ikkoku has been the peak for an anime production: Drawing, themes, storytelling, Music. The OST is great, it deserves an other listen. Picasso’s track are probably my fave. but they are all great… look for the lyrics.


From Maison Ikkoku to Picasso (the band) the step is short. this album kinda “experimental” for being a pop band the mid 80s. I can’t say i love it, but i can understand why it was a big success.

Electronic Pop / Trance

Faithless ft. Dido – One Step Too Far

In early 2000 Dido was HUGE, and so was Faithless. They shared the same production (Rollo) and this co-op was really great. by then Trance was already super pop, due to Dutch wave.

This track has that early flavour (colors, sounds) but do perfectly… and after 20 years i can say it aged very well