Music sales from 1973 to 2019 in a Graph

Taken from:!/vizhome/MakeoverMonday2020W21-MusicIndustrySales/Dashboard2

Numbers are adjusted for inflaction, they are USD, and I am not even sure it is worldwide or just Usa. 🙁

But Some consideration

  1. The Tape age lasted long but was never really leading the sales, which is interesting coz it ‘s challenging my perception.
  2. People who sold CDs from mid 90 to mid 00 made a LOT of money
  3. You don’t earn from selling music
  4. Streaming is getting larger and larger… but that is bad, bit for our planet (the C02 footprint of streming is already as bad as CD production)
  5. Vynil still have their small niche of buyers
  6. Streaming is really the right way to monetize or there is better way? (hint: check the following video)