Diary of an old-aged Newbie: Shall we start again?

As you might know from this page bio, i started listening to “techno” (eurodance, trance, rave, hardtrance, progressive) even before I started producing hardcore (around 96-97) and speedcore, music genre for which i m known.

I still like Core, but in the last 10 years i ve been listening more and more background music at work… namely Dub Techno, synthwave, vaporwave, citypop and other downtempo style.

During the first wave i took also some private lesson from Igore and Art of Fighter to improve my producing quality.

What happened is that I discovered Ableton (something like 20 years after Bioxeed suggested me 🙂 and I LOVED its workflow. For core related stuff i still prefer Renoise, but Ableton opened me to a lot of new genres…

So in late 2021 I bought a Standard Edition of Live 11 and start learning a bit.

I am back again at step 1, what will happen?

Let’s see if i can keep up my diary. 🙂

Diary of an old-aged Newbie Week 1.2021