While I cannot consider myself a “I love all music whatever the genre” kinda of guy, I am kinda confident to say that I like to listen and enjoy¬† almost anything within the “electronic” niche.

Basically everything from Extratone (in small doses) down to psychill (in the backgorund while i work), passin’ through oldskool trance, Dub techno, full on, even EdmTrap or Moombahton.

There is a lot of shit around, true, but also a lot of good stuff and a lot of raw music that has the potential to be awesome. I like to discover music that touch something in me.

There are some genre I am kinda competent (*core, old skool trance), other which I am just a casual listener.

When and how i listen to music

I ve different context and modality to listen to music

  • Listening “new stuff” (here youtube and wikipedia are a great help)
  • Looking for great piece of music to inspire (I need 100% attention to it and I have very little time to do it well)
  • Listening over and over the same album, to let the sound dig into me (Again i need some time just to do it, so I usually listen to older “safe” stuff, but I am finding a lot of nice mix also on Youtube)
  • Background music at home with kids and family (here a radio is ok)
  • Background music while i work (usually downtempo – no voice stuff)

For this very reason I am always happy when i discover new genres that are also good to listen while i work.

Why this blog?

I spoke about it in lenght in this article (Why am i Back? ), but basically:

  • The music genre my mates and me (Milan speedcore Project) helped to shape rise in popularity and the disappeared in a shitty storm of useless track. I am sorry new generation cannot enjoy it.
  • My love for music is still strong In a span of a year I meat a lot of my old gang and friends
  • My passion is Personal development
  • and my work is in Digital Marketing

What about combining these things together?

Music + Digital Marketing + Personal development


Do you even lift make music bro?

I am also a producer of Industrial and speedcore. I know the two genres are often shitty and a shame to “music”.

I have a small indipendent label (born in 2001, and remerged in 2017 as netlabel)

If you want to know about my Musical persona: Read Rotello Bio