Does Scooter really sux? Do they really deserve your hate?

Little premise: I ve been born and raised in italy and thus my definition of pop “techno” music is different from most of yours.

I was not in Netherlands when the happycore came with low quality stuff and destroyed all, so i was able to appreciate the party animals, Lownoise & Theo and many others.

I was not in Germany when pop-rave stuff came out, so I was not able to hate happy rave act like Dune (which i love), Scooter… damn I also bough and enjoyed a Blumchen CD!

I was in Italy, where the standars was so called “underground music”, basically slow chicago house with sample from 70s track. I hated it then and I hate it now and at time anything that provided a good basedrum and was uplifting was a good new for me.

So when I was able to have my first parties in Germany (Love Parade 97) my friends (hi Ralf, Hi Olaf) were not believing that I really liked Scooter. Actually I loved them.

Was I wrong? Let’s find out.

Hopefully we will all learn something.

The Rick! The Ferris and The HP!!! A little bit of history:

Hp Baxxter (the blond guy who scream) and Rick Jordan formed a synthpop band in 89 and then started a remix  project called the loop (kinda famous by itself).

Their success is no coincidence

Rick Jordan is a great producer, musician and sound designer – it was the quintessential “trance dj” of early 90s. now he is in another band i am very curious to listen to his stuff

F Bueller has also the hands in other huge project like Sunbeam

Essential Scooter’ Gems (B sides)

 Scooter ‎– Vallée De Larmes (1993)

Let me copypasta a comment on discogs: “ Forget the weak and limp Vallée De Larmes and head straight to Cosmos. Pure trance bliss in the typical ’94 German style (Sunbeam, Jeyênne, Luxor etc).

the Valle De Larmes is a ok cover of a so so track but Cosmos on B-side is really good. Really good and it’s basically their first original track. and it was 1993.

Scooter as Kosmos – The Mission

The mission is the b side of Codo-

Kosmos feat Mary K – Codo

Kinda cheap happy rave, but

Scooter ‎– Scooter back in time (1994)

The title track (Move Your Ass! is super famous and I must say i loved it back then, but again is the side B that really shine:

in this version (thank you Mr tube!) we can see how good is Rick Jordan playing live Back in Time,

Scooter – Rhapsody In E (1994)

Again this is a side B, this time of the mega hit, Hypa hypa, and in my opinion is one of the best trance track of the 90s and by definition, ever.

Small Bonus Rhapsody in E (Yahel Remix)

Yahel, one of the few trance producers still worth listening to, did a great remix of Rhapsody in E. It’s an incredible track by itself.

Scooter – Scooter across the sky (1995)

B-side of Scooter – Endless Summer

Scooter – Eternity (1996)

B-side of Let me be your Valentine is an acid storm. not one of my fave among Scooter’s B side, yet a lot of people loved it

Scooter – B-Site (www.mix)

If you unhear the scream this B side track called …”b side” is not that bad

Scooter – Euphoria (1996)

B side of Rebel Yell

Scooter – Awekening

In my opinion the best track on their “Wicked!” CD

Scooter – No Fate (Trance Remix) (1997)

Original track is – this is a trance remix of a dance cover of a early trance track (Zyon’s “No Fate” (Eye Q Records, 1992) – yet it s a very good remix

Scooter – Sputnik (1998)

After a couple of less than stellar B side this spuntnik goes in the dowtempo trance direction, which i really like

Scooter – Trance Atlantic (2005)

another incredible B side, this time of Suavemente.