Week 12.2022 – What I am listening to

Week 12 2022 – from Monday, March 21 – Sunday, March 27, 2022. What I am listening? (or better: what i did listen to last week) – a week electronica e techno selection

Techno & downtempo electronica

Misleading Structures – Subdivision Zones

I liked this track on so many levels: not only for the general mood, but also for the use of many tropes i am trying to implement in my production as “Kyashan“. He does it so good and I am always happy when i find someone to be inspired to.

you can buy the track on https://archivesdubmusic.bandcamp.com/album/subdivision-zones-single

Abandoned – A Deep Ambient Journey – Dark Futuristic Atmospheric Ambient Music

I ve discovered SpaceWave – Cosmic Relaxation only recently but it soon clicked with me: I ve started producing downtempo techno for the same very reason. Loooooong electronic track i can listen when i work. This mix is kinda good for that.

Sergio Avila – Outspace

Deep, melodic, trippy. 3 adjective i like when you speak about techno. I ve listened to this track like 100 times this week. a great inspiration.

Brando Lupi – Opal

As you may realize I ve just started to dig a bit deeper into the hypnotic techno scene. From a passive listener I am trying to erudite myself… For this very reason I am discovering and appreciating 10+ years old track only now. Brando Lupi is incredible.

Core & Hard Electronics

Paula Temple – Gegen X

I great piece of hard techno… this was on heavy rotation a couple of weeks ago

Loffciamcore – I Am Sinistar

the flashcore scene is small and sparse, but the quality of output is kinda high. This track has sample from a game of the 80s, Sinistar with incredible sample. I still remember playing that, so I enjoyed this track twice as much