Congrats hardcore dj’s, you have broken Facebook Ads

As you might have read I am the Digital Marketing Manager in a company called TantraMarketing, and so I am used to test random marketing “theories”  three times longer and deeper than most people in the music biz.

I do this coz:

  • I am used to A/ B / C Tests..
  • I don’t trust “I think that” – but i do trust numbers
  • The more knowledge i gather in a niche the better i can find pattern and improve my results
  • the more results I ve the more the clients will pay me

A couple of months ago I started writing a post called “The history of Speedcore”. I had some questions to do, So i decided to invest around 5 $ in promoting it.

The rusult were interesting, and i decided to write this

Congrats hardcore dj’s, you have broken Facebook Ads or: fan number of hardcore facebook page are fake.

More info about the Facebook Ad:

Since it was a test

  • Image was NOT optimized
  • i did not any split test
  • There was a weak Call to action
  • No retargeting list
  • Targeting everyone (from anywhere, any age, any sex) who has some common interest (I targeted 3 Famous dj, which I am not going to mention)

As I expected, the post was blocked in a couple of days (too much text), so at the end I spent 0.86$ (less than a buck)  but got some interesting data, never the less.

Here it’s the print screen


What I discovered

the above image is not enough to understand fully what i did.

But you can see that I got a whoppy 9.7% engament, with 35 comments and 9 Pages likes… but only one comment… How is that?

The same post has proved to be interesting to fans (posted on low traffic group it generated a LOT of comment) so it’s kinda odd…

Let’s see who are the fan who liked the post…. look at them and discover a pattern:



Is it just me, or it looks like it is suspiciously full of Indians, Pakistans and so on?

Don’t take me wrong, It’s not a problem having a lot of fan from those regions, and I would be very happy to know the scene is growing, but the reality is different.

  1. We know that there is no *core scene over there and
  2. we also know that when you buy fan through agencies (low quality agencies, but i disgress), most of the fan are from those country.

Does two clues make a proof?  Well … Yes.

Buying fan to gather music is a bad practice that a LOT of dj are still doing…

The party promoters are still so fucking stupid to believe that the total number of fans is a mirror of the numbers of “engaged” fans…

It’s not.

Much better having 20K true fan than 300K people who don’t care about your music and will NEVER came to your page.

But in Hardcore music this bad practice is so deeply rooted that even the facebook algorithm believe that indians and Pakistans are the largest hardcore fan community! It’s the first time I see this “broken result” thing in such a bad shape.

That is big problem for many reason

the day facebook delete fake account most of Dj will lose 60% of their fandom.

If Facebook is not able to find people that might like your post, the fan base is not going to become larger, even if you pay

Tips Promoters:

If you are so dumb not to be able to read Fb analitcs and thus cannot see the difference between fake and real please book djs who are good with music, you deserve to close.

Ask anyone working in social media to do a quick audit with a couple of hundred dollars you can get wonderful insight

Tips for Musician

I understand that buying fans is quick way to be “someone”,  and I understand quantity is a “quality” in itself…

while I vote against buying them for the long term damage they create, I cannot say that is fully bad if they are created to build momentum.
It s bad when the fake fans are more that 10-15% and very bad when they are more than 30%.