week 14.2022 what I am listening to


Page 75: Diffused Signal for The Memoir, 2022.

Hypnus is a way or another is always in my weekly listening shortlist. This super mix by Diffused Signal is 3 hours long, it s slow, atmospheric and hypnotic. very good when I m working… and also very good as a reference when producing!

Drum n bass

Adam F – Circles (Album Edit)

This record is a classic of drum n bass and it also remind me Berlin coz I remember Ralf (from GFB) playing this track. Everytime Youtube Algo suggest me to listen to it I comply. still wonderful, 25 years after the original release

UNKLE – Rabbit In Your Headlights

What a track! it did not age a day. Incredible, and the video adds even more punch to it!

Trance / Happy core

Quadran Eternally

This one for some reason is one of my fave track ever! It s happy and sad, old skool but still kinda fresh, the fact that one of the two author died makes it even more “eternal”