Llord Lloigor – The Shadow Serpent (Rotello Rmx): Rnsx + Access to Private Area + walkthrough

This track is the same released on United Speedcore Nation (USN 003) in 1999. (see Discogs here).

This remix was kinda challenging for various reasons:

  • The tracking/patterning style of Lord Lloigor is kinda different from mine.
  • Lord Lloigor style of music (dark melodic speedcore) is opposite of mine (white noize industrial speedcore)
  • The first version was lost on an HD crush 😐

At the end I am kinda proud of the result as it has both Llord Lloigor and Rotello’s style, it sound new without being too new.

You can download the full release (as MP3 and wav) here: Genkisound 1001 // Analphabetik 005 – Lord Lloigor The Remixes (Full Album)

Listen to the track

What you get when you purchase the packet

  • The Shadow Serpent – original XM by Lord Lloigor
  • The Shadow Serpent  – the remix by rotello in .xrns file (no external plugin needed)
  • Access to private page where I can asnwer to your questions.
  • A 50% discount on next .Rnsx Release
  • A 50% discount on next record release as mp3
  • Part of the revenues will go to the Orangutan Project –  Look at the important job they do.


Original image taken from: https://davidjrodger.wordpress.com/tag/yig/

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