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  • Elijah Nang – Gaijin 外人 LP [ Audio Novel ]

Gai-jin -(Noun) foreigner.

A tale about a foreigner who woke up in a mysterious land covered in mist.

As he looked at his surroundings, he bumped into a kid named Riku, who had a broken wooden sword; Riku was excited because he’d never met a foreigner before. Riku later invited him to his home, and the foreigner met his family, but…this was no ordinary family as they were Samurais.

As the foreigner peeked through the branchy hut, he saw a dozen more just like Riku’s family; it was at that moment he realised he was in the Land of the Samurai…..

Location: West of Kuno

一 Journey to the West 0:00
二 Land of the Samurai 3:08
三 Tsunami Sky 8:23
四 Sleeping on the Susuki Grasslands 12:10
五 Gomenasai I 16:22
六 Sakura III 20:39
七 Grand Dojo 25:17
八 Kumite 28:30
九 Memoirs of a Geisha 32:38
十 Gomenasai II 36:26
十一 A conversation with the blacksmith 40:53
十二 The Forest of a Thousand Blades 45:13
十三 Oath 49:04
十四 Mysterious Ronin 52:32
十五 Gomenasai III 56:39
十六 Amaya village 58:57
十七 Kenjutsu water style 1:02:24
十八 Tea House 1:05:06
十九 Icarus 1:08:40
二十 6am Snowfall 1:11:26
二十一 Silence 1:15:33

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Artwork by Wenyi Geng.

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