The history of trance music 1969 – 2005 (long with video)

OK let me be clear. This History of trance post is not going to be short, or perfect. Your comment will help me to improve it.

My definition of trance

Trance is a music genre but is also a feeling. For this very reason I consider trance a lot of “trippy” stuff that are not labelled trance, and not consider  music that don’t give me a trance sensation.

Why only up to 2005?

For the definition above trance music in 2005 has been dead and buried… Yes some stuff came out here and there, but it’s too few and sparse for me to discover it.

Also for the definition above the “dutch wave” (and all that singed songs you like) cannot be considered proper trance, and where possible I keep it out of it.

Pre-Trance Trance

The 60’s

While we can crawl back to prehistory time let’s fix the 60’s as the beginning of trancy stuff. Jean Michel Jarre first record is released in 69 and so is the famous Popcorn song. JMJ worked with Karlheinz Stockhausen, a pioneer of electronic music, but I don’t feel like considering his stuff Trancy.

Tracks to listen to

[one-half-first] Gershon Kingsley – Popcorn

[one-half]Jean Michel Jarre – La Cage.



The 70’s

Kraftwerk,Jean michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Giorgio Moroder, Tangerine dreams and Vangelis… those are The big Name in melodic, tech trancy stuff of the 90s. Each of the above can be considered the father of a specific niche in electronic

Tracks to listen to

[one-third-first]Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene (1976)

[one-third]Jean Michel Jarre – Equinoxe (1978)

[one-third]Giorgio Moroder – Chase[/one-third]


[one-third-first]Automat – Droid (1978).

[one-third]Cybotron – Colossus – (1978) – (Australia)


 Eduard Artemyev – Siberiade theme (1979) – This will be remixed and become PPK –  resurrection



[one-third-first]Gianni Rossi – Star Vehicle

[one-third]Vangelis – Pulstar (1979)

[one-third]Kraftwerk – Trans-Europe Express (Full Album + Bonus Tracks) (1977)



The 80’s

Te 80s were great for electronic music! New Beat, Space rock and italo-disco were huge on chart and left a mark to future generation. Not only that, but they also see the light of house music and techno, and in UK the Rave scene was moving its first steps.

Trance music as I mean it is the melodic son of techno.

Big names of the decade


Notable mentions

  • Doris Norton – Female electronic artist, who is also the mother of Rex Anthony (we will meet him in the 90s)
  • Suck me Plasma Label – has been created in 1989 by  Andreas Tomalla (Talla2xlc) and produced the very fist proper trance record

Listen to 80s trancy stuff:

ZODIAK – Zodiak (Latvian space rock)

Doris Norton Lab (1980)

Laser – Laser (1981)

Jean Michel Jarre – Les Chants Magnétiques / Magnetic Field (1981)

Pink Project – Amama (1982)

Romanelli – Connecting Flight (1982)


Meanwhile in India…

Goa in the late 1960s and early 1970s started to grow as an hippie nexus, with a very distinguish genre of rock, italo disco,industrial music and EBM (electronic body music). The Goa music development is a different ecosystem than

The KLF: an Out of Time artifact in trance

The KLF – What Time Is Love? (1988 Pure Trance Original) – feature the name Trance in the title and is already “techno”. Many consider this as the first trance track. Personally i love it, but i can’t feel the trancy feeling. nevertheless, KLF are geniuses and this track is 3-4 years in advance on the world

The KLF – What Time Is Love? (1988 Pure Trance Original)

Trance per Year

The 90s in general

This Decade will be remembered in Eternity. In 10 years the music evolved, spawned, reach to top and fell down hard. For this very reason I ve decided to describe the 90s by year, by Country and by Subgenre (born, dead, transformed)

Dance to trance, Jam and Spoon


Dance 2 Trance is a project by Dag Lerner Dj Dag and Rolf Ellmer  (Jam el Mar / 50% of Jam and Spoon). They use the name Trance, but also dance and in Italy – where i live  – it was mainly considered “dance / House” music, but the time were ripe for the next big wave.

  • Dj Dag:  “DJ DAG” is known as the “Godfather of Trance”, he gave “the child’s name” when he start in 1991 with his Project “Dance 2 Trance”. Since that point, he was his definition of Trance always remained faithful. His sound is unique and its reputation is legendary. Dag’s DJ career began in 1985 in the “Music Hall” in Frankfurt, other important milestones in his career were the “Club UK /Complex” in London, “1015 Folsom” in San Francisco, the legendary Underground Club “Omen”, the “Dorian Gray”, “U60311” and “Cocoon” in Frankfurt. All german attention he gained by his early sets at the “HR3 Clubnight”, he belongs to their resident DJ´s since 1993. His international „breakthrough” came with the track “P.ower of A.merican N.atives” (Gold Record Award), countless other productions and remixes with his projects, “Dance 2 Trance”, “Peyote”, “Crazy Malamute”, “DJ Dag” and many more followed, since he produced with different partners on different labels, worldwide. DAG is currently with his newest project “The Flowmasterz” at his own label “Mato Music” and as “DJ DAG” himself to be present. Planet Bass Records is proud and looks forward to many new joint projects and tracks and a successful cooperation with the “Godfather of Trance”.  Dj Dag Youtube channel

Dance 2 Trance – We Came In Peace (Original)



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Techno Bert – Neue Dimensionen 1990

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Dance 2 Trance ‎– ¿Where Is Dag?


Universally we can consider









The 90s

Trance is Getting ill





Trance per Country




Italy – Tuscany









The death of trance

I call it dead in 2004. And Tiesto killed it

Trance after 2004: The 00’s an 10’s



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