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LISTEN: You can get The MP3 and Wav of of our Records (Analphabetik, RTE, Splitter Gewalt…)

LEARN: You can also download Mod / Xm / Rnsx files! That means you can get the source / template file of our track. Not only that, but you can also get a commentary on track making

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Representing: Analphabetik // Splitter Gewalt // RTE

Lord Lloigor quitted in early 2000's. Few know that Analphabetik should have published a good bye vynil, which never was. Now, in 2018 we decide to restart where we stopped.…

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All Fast Tracker II & Renoise Files to download.

These are the source files of my production: you can open see how they are done, learn and replicate. Some of them also provide a video on “The Making of … ” with tips and trick.

A must have if you are a producer

Download Llord Lloigor - The Shadow Serpent (Rotello Rmx): Rnsx + walkthrough + Various Bonunes. Taken From Genkisound 1001 // Analphabetik 005 – Lord Lloigor The Remixes (Full Album)


This track has been released on Speedcore Italia 4 as " Rotaro aka Rotello - Rot Psycho 100" and on Rotello Presents 1004 / Analphabetik. Here you have the chance…

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This is the same version that appeared on Cerebral Destruction ‎– SANA 001 - Various ‎– Shit And Noize Art 001 (discogs link here).


This is the file source of the track Rotello - Jagd auf RotellOctober. https://youtu.be/s3rXlH_IQJY Track, as MP3 and wav can be purchased for less than an euro here. This one…

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