The making of Rotello – Do gabbers dreams of bald sheeps?

Since I always loved when producers tell the “making of” a track, I decided to do the same in my little and total ineptitute in music making.

Beta Release History

Listen to Final Latest version so far

Here it s the latest version

Updates on V04

between version 0.3 and version 0.4 . i did not listen to the track for some days so i was able to find more error. I was able to track many glitches here they are:

  • ptrn 1 –  volum of bg noize rise too fast
  • ptrn 5 – it does not buil up good
  • ptrn 6 – first part of vocal are covered by the tail of sample from previous pattern
  • ptrn 10 – it does not call the noize as good as it should
  • ptrn 20-22 rise up shittly
  • ptrn 28 noize & bongos now sound too random
  • ptrn29 does not call the upcoming pattern well
  • ptrn 32 vocal are so so
  • ptrn37 – noize is ok
  • ptrn 41 – it s too similir to 37
  • ptrn42 start is ok
  • ptrn46 close better

Updates on V04

version 0.5 has been a huge, ongoing work: deleting, adding, moving. i corrected a lot of issues of V04… i m still looking for some good vocals, but i think the track is now more Energetic . Largest change are:

  • the “bongo” track – now amost disappeared
  • moved (and reduced in space) the “half base” patterns… i liked them but there was no use
  • cleaned track here and there (base sound louder now)
  • added the super famous speech at the end. i distorted enough, and maybe i ll get not problem with copyright 🙂

The History of the Track

Let’s start with the idea.

Step 1: The groove

Lucio Battisti has been one of the top Italian singer of the 70’s. Not only he sold a LOT of record but he was kinda sperimental, too. I love “La canzone della terra” and how its main theme is the groove: Bongos, fencing sound and whip… Listen to it here:

I am not able (nor it s useful) to replicate verbatim the drum pattern of the above song, but i loved the idea.  I searched on google “bongo wav”, “sword”, fencing, whip and so on and found a nice series of samplez, played with them and a good enoigh groove came out.

Step 2: Base

The odd numeration is the results of my experimentation with the base. at the end it came out a 288 bpm track, Skull blower style. Basedrum pattern are kinda easy in the first version of the track i ll need to make them better to be congruent with the Build up

v 03: much better progression

Step 3: Vocal samplez

At the beginning v 01, v02 I used a sample of MMA fighter Conor McGregor and me speaking ( I met him and have a chat during a UFC in UK before he was a super star). I then decided that it was too light and fun for a Darkcore track, So i Took it away.

in Mid December the Trailer of Blade Runner 2047 came out, i loved a couple of noize there (see step 6: noize & Bg) and also found a “ok” vocal, which i could use also in the final version.

I had a GREAT sample to start the second part of the track, but again it was not congruent with the general track so i took away ( i ll use it in another track for sure, it s THAT good)

With Version 03 – I added some Blade runner samplez, but i dont like how they are now… i ll need to scout for others…

Step 4: Bridge

I didn’t want to follow the usual way of doing track (base, pause, drop) so the track is a bit random 🙂

basically the Bridge / pause is still with the base but it s half speed, and in my plan should build up to second part.

Step 5: Build up

I really miss the huge build up and release the track of the 90’s had. Nowadays it all about the drop, which… drops instead of peaking 😐

Not easy to build a decent build up in such a noizy track, but i want to do at least one

in V03 i used 2 mini-build up

Step 6: noize & background

I am kinda happy with that. v01 was already good, in v 02 the whole whip & industrial sound were very well melt togheter.

in V03 I added more intro and ending noizes, and  made the second part a bit different from usual, instead of adding stuff to the base, i took it away to have a cleaner baser. I ll have to find a way not to lose too much energy, but it s doable