Why Am I back?

I ve not been producing for almost 10 years, I ve almost stopped djing for the same amount of time… so why Am I back?
Many coincidences, or better a lot of open loops decided to close in a very short time, and this gave me input to act.

What are those loops closing now?

  • I ve been working for a while for an important independent music label, which ignite back my passion. My time with them is – for the moment – over, but i felt I could add a lot of value to the music marketing in general.
  • The music I love and that disappeared in mid 00’s is coming back, thus keeping the fire burning.
  • Having worked with/for some of the large marketing companies around and I see how much space there is for doing good marketing and innovative business models (to my best knowledge – marketing wise – the music industry is like 5-6 years behind the webmarketing niche). The fire has a lot of fire to propagate…
  • Personal reason: after almost 15 years of studying Neuro-linguistic Programming I decide to make a step further and thus I am looking for “Geniuses” (my definition of genius= people who can do something in a special way) to do some “NLP modeling”… what better way to meet them with this blog? –  if you are special in some way and would like to know how you do what you do, contact me
  • I had the chance of having many long and interesting chats with one of my oldest musical mate (the famous dj / promoter) DJ Noisekick about the current scene (more fuel on the fire – thanks Rudmer).
  • My english skill were deteriorating, I need to get back my groove… and blogging is always useful.
  • Last but not least, I read the news that, for the first time in history, older records are outselling newer release. (here, here  and here)

As stated above I like this kind of synchronism and I think that when it happens you ought to do something: definitely it s a signal to act.
I also like the two opposite, but equally interesting, way to see synchronism:
on one side there is the “magic”: The universe is pushing you to do something..
on the pragmatic side it could be that I am recognizing those signals just now…

– read more about synchronism here –

So what will I be speaking about?

for sure marketing & webmarketing for musicians/dj’s /producers (that include tips on FB, Blogging and everything else – I will add some guerrilla marketing strategies as well). If there is enough request I am willing to make some products as well.
I will also speak about creativity and production… but not those 300 years old suggestion about being more creative, but ideas backed by neuroscience, linguistic, metastases and other delicious very recent discovery. I would be more than delight to exchange idea with creative people… so feel free to contact me
I ll try NOT to speak about music itself, but I am sure i ll add some articles about that.

I will not write a lot. I ve a job, a family, too many hobbies and writing in english about this is kinda taxing for me.
So I will write hi-quality posts and you will read, comment and share it…