RTE was a never born label dedicated to downtempo and IDM in collaboration with Axel Asher.

With Genkisound 1004, RTE come back with 6 chilling electronic trackz:

A1) Axel Asher – The traveller
A2) Axel Asher – Hands on vision factory theme
A3) Axel Asher – Down02cut_edit

B1) Manuel Sanada – Uscita
B2) Manuel Sanada – The image of the moment is still
B3) Manuel Sanada – Aqua

Listen on YouTube:


This track is SOOOOOO old…. i did it as an experiment when first virtual instruments were coming out. i think i did it with Rubberduck ( a 303 emulator) on Win 98.
the only way to record it was doing it live ( i dont remember any way to patterning it… Or maybe i was an inapt….)
i remember i uploaded this on Mp3.com when it was a free website and got a nice deal of visit… enjoy it


What does people says

Samuele (50% of The Sickest Squad):

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