This is the re-issue of Splitter Gewalt 02

Splitter Gewalt was a Milan Based speedcore label. Its sound?  100% raw speedcore , illegal rave style.
While most of track are been done in late 90’s, Splitter Gewalt 02 has been released in 2002. It has a lot of fan: it’s a five star record on Discogs, and it has a median value of 28 euro.

Since the idea that move Genkisound

We proudly re-release this under the Genkisound Umbrella!

Attention To preserve the value of the vynil and protect the collectors this release does not feature all tracks: Amiga Shock Force Track and NoizeFucker are at the moment out of this digital release.

A1 – Splitter – Ecutamie Kollombo
A2 – Splitter – Comb
A3 – Splitter – Apollo13
A4 – Splitter –
A5 – Frazzbass – Brainwashing
B1 – Amiga Shock Force – Full Of Shit
B2 – Guerriero Invincibile – Charm
B3 – Noizefucker – Should I Care
B4 – Creed – Raging Rabbit 99
B5 – Nekromonio – Serius Damage

Praise for Genkisound 1003 // Splitter Gewalt 2


Genkisound 1003 // Splitter Gewalt 2 Videos


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